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The real Jintropin 100iu 5kits


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The real jintropin is supply by us now.
1kit = 10iu*10vials
5kits= 5*10iu*10vials

U can come to check .

Step 1 Before you open the kit...

Please observe the sticker carefully before you open the kit, it should be intact. However, some fake products might have
similar texture anti-counterfeiting stickers as our original products. Be careful! The fibers are embedded in the real anti-
counterfeiting sticker (you can use a needle to pick some fibers out!), while the counterfeit labels normally would have fiber
printed on the surface rather than embedded. Learn more about features of product Texture Anti-counterfeiting Sticker.

Step 2 Check the serial numbers on the sticker, and key in. Then type verification code. Verify your Jintropin®.

Step 3 Identify your anti-counterfeiting sticker...

You will access to a new page, on that page you will find an image of your package's anti-counterfeiting sticker. Click here to
see demonstration.

Step 4 Complete your identifying.

Please observe the fibers appeared on computer screen, their shape and their position in each small square, if they are the
same with your package's sticker, then press the button marked "Same"; the check result will show it is real product; if it is
not the same, press the button marked "Different", the check result will show it is fake product.

Note We can help you in any case...

  • Model: real jintropin 100iu 5kits
  • 3000000000 Units in Stock

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